Friday, December 15, 2006


We'll our pool problem is now in the hands of our solictors. Nasty. We just couldn't get Peter to return our calls. Then he rang up twice in rapid succession - attack me, then hung up and then repeated the process.

One thing has struck me about this is that there is a characteristic, not necessarily typical but characteristic, tradesman's/workingman's outlook with complaints. The belief is that: "because I am working hard I am justfied in being rude and unresponsive." Hard work justifies all. And it doesn't mean they are working hard on your behalf. They're just working hard (presumeably on their own behalf) It is the protestant work ethic in this country gone screwy.

A truck driver was blocking the street. I suggested (very pleasantly) that he move on just a few feet, (a mean maybe two or three feet) and then the cars behind could turn the corner but "CAN'T YOU SEE I'M WORKING! I'M DOING A JOB.**%$## OFF."

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