Thursday, May 27, 2010

Big Oil

It was fascinating and frightening watching an ex-President of Shell on CNN talking about the Gulf oil spill. What I heard was that it was the public's fault forcing the oil companies to drill in deep water. He was angry that Shell had had to spend $300 million to get the right to drill in the shallow water of the Arctic. In between there were ads selling high speed cars. Consumers wanted oil and Americans shouldn't be dependant on foreign sources was his view, so the oil companies were just doing what the consumers wanted. The program was interlaced with ads for fast cars. (It's interesting that one of Exxon's board members is from Big Auto.) His lack of connection with the views of the rest of the world was frightening in its insulation. He's saying that there 3500 wells in the Gulf and this is the only one that's gone wrong, seriously.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Transocean doesn't want to pay for cleanup

Transocean wants to limit its liability in the Deepwater Horizion Gulf oil disaster to the value of their interest, some $26,000,000. Transocean profits from the risk they impose on the community so the value should be across their business, their $1b in net profit or their $11.6b in revenue.

recycled toilet paper

When will hotel along with not washing towels unless requested, which I think is a cost saving rather than an environmental initiative, use recycled toilet paper. It would make a difference.

Friday, May 7, 2010

ethical chocolate

If Cadbury makes a decision to start making Dairy Milk from ethical chocolate does that mean that the rest of the chocolate they use is unethical?