Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pretending to be an outsider is the fashion of conservative politics

It is curious how conservatives are positioning themselves as outsiders. As Katherine Murphy notes in today's Age: "This is the fashion of conservative politics." Nick Minchin does it. Even the Heartland Institute does it; yet they are supported by the blue rinse set of US corporates. The majority of the US legislature doubt anthropogenic climate change.  Yet the world has been turned on its head and it is the majority of scientists who support the view that anthropogenic climate change is happening that are the 'insiders' and representing "the establishment'. It is hard not to be sarcastic about this position of "I am just a poor little rich guy." Deniers compare themselves to Galileo, missing the point that they are the political establishment who are rejecting science, as the church rejected Galileo's science.

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