Friday, June 25, 2010

Oz to be the best and safest driller

Recently and in response to the ongoing investigation into the Montaro blowout, Martin Ferguson is saying that "Our approach must be to ensure our oil and gas exploration and production operations are the best and safest in the world?" That is quite something to be held to. At least it looks like he's not going to rely on Colin Barnett to achieve that, as it looks like he'll support a national regulator.
Martin went on to say: "Shutting down the industry and putting the nation's energy security, jobs and the economy at risk does nothing towards achieving any of these goals." Huh!
That's a case of overstating the case. The Norwegians haven't shut down their industries; they've simple declared a moratorium on new deepwater wells. Nor, Martin, have the Americans shut down their industry.
I think the question is, in the light of the West Montaro leak, could Deepwater Horizon have happened here? We don't drill as deep, but West Montaro still leaked for months.

Thanks to the AFR

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