Thursday, March 29, 2007

what's in a name

It's curious the link you feel with someone simply on the basis of sharing a name with them:

Andrew Kelly, a young man of Irish parentage arrived at Antler Creek in the fall of 1862, where he tried mining. A baker by trade, Kelly opened a bakery and Coffee Shop on Williams Creek, and later on Grouse Creek, where he and his wife also kept a boarding house. Remaining on Grouse Creek for 4 years, the Kellys', with their 2 children returned to Barkerville where Andrew opened the Kelly Hotel in 1871. The hotel flourished, and the Kellys' enjoyed the results of their hard labour. All this while Andrew Kelly had kept a zestful interest in the mining of the area, and had shares in several local mines. Andrew Kelly and his wife moved to Victoria to live at Oak Bay in 1905, where they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on 1916.

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